On the 8th of March 2024 International Women’s Day, Amity for Humanity Initiative Uganda with support from Hera Global carried out a community health camp in Mulimira Zone Kamwokya suburb.

The main aim of the camp was to increase Cervical cancer awareness through screening and health education.

We partnered with Nsambya Hospital Uganda whose professional medical personnel carried out cervical cancer screening with Pap smear kits provided by Hera Global through Amity for Humanity Initiative Uganda.

Alongside Cervical Cancer screening, the team also carried out Breast cancer screening and HPV vaccination for young girls (9-12) years.

Over 300 women turned up for the health camp from 9 am- 5:30 pm and all these benefitted from health education specifically about cervical cancer. This included the transmission process, the signs and symptoms, the need/importance of early screening, and where and when to access services in case the doctors recommended further tests to be done.

In addition to health education, a total of 175 women and young girls were screened for cervical cancer, 262 women and young girls were screened for breast cancer and 62 children received HPV vaccination.

Out of the 175 who screened for cervical cancer, 42 were advised to carry out further screening tests, and 133 tested negative.

The Mulimira zone women support group was formed and the committee headed by the chairperson was nominated. This committee will follow up with the women who need further screening and will always report back to Amity for Humanity Initiative Uganda for any support the women need and to carry them throughout the treatment and healing process.

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