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Amity for Humanity Initiative- Uganda

Amity for Humanity Initiative - Uganda is a non-governmental organization that has existed since 2020 with the purpose of providing collective actions that transform communities and generations to come against gender-based violence.

We advocate for the protection and enforcement of children’s and women’s rights in areas of high unmet needs including the right to education, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Child protection and gender equality.
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Our Goal:

To nurture a generation of transformed leaders against violence in promotion of the principles of equity, equality and justice.

Our Mission

Building a generation that will transform cultural and power dynamics to end Gender based Violence
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Our Advocacy Areas

Capacity Building

We advocate for capacity building and influence policies in education sectors to promote equality and end violence against children for sustainable development of communities.

Equality & Psychosocial Support

We advocate for equality and provide psychosocial support to victims of gender Based Violence violations in Uganda as well as advocate for women’s rights and emancipation.

Health Rights Awareness & Promotion

We foster the spirit of community consciousness about health rights awareness and promotion nationally and internationally for a healthy and sustainable community of communities.

Our Programs


Education is a basic human right that works to raise men and women out of poverty, different levels of inequalities and ensure sustainable development. Our program offers sponsorship (school fees and scholastic materials) to pupils in need, monitoring performance and offering career guidance.

We advocate for a successful education system that must reach everyone, including the most disadvantaged and marginalized including the poor, the discriminated against, girls, children living with disability and those facing multiple disadvantages.

Through education, girls are able to keep in school thus reducing the number of child marriages and teenage pregnancies. Schools act as safe spaces for girls to learn, share experience, receive guidance and counseling from mentors and caregivers.
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